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Professional Automotive reconditioning, paint correction, Ceramic Pro certified coating installer, custom made vinyl graphics & business lettering. 



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1029 Roosevelt Trl (Route 302) Windham, ME 04062


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What We Do

Carsmotology Customs LLC offers professional automotive reconditioning services. Services include exterior and interior reconditioning/details, odor removal, stain removal, paint corrections, headlight restorations, and we are a certified Ceramic Pro coating installer.

Ceramic pro coatings protect all surfaces of your vehicle inside and out, with many different packages available there is something for everyone. These coatings are the only permanent ceramic coating in the automotive industry, they are top notch. Multiple packages show up on your vehicles car fax report to add value and the warranties offered are also transferable. With the gold package offering a LIFETIME warranty and the silver package offering a 5 year warranty, if you are looking for the best Ceramic coating option to protect your investment (all while improving appearance and ease of cleaning) you have come to the right place!  
Ceramic pro has many other applications, from luxury footwear, designer hand bags, to surfaces in your home as well! Inquire today to learn more! 207-891-3155 

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Paint corrections vary in pricing from $300-$1500.00+. 
A 1 stage is included in an exterior detail, 2 stage correction includes a compound prior to a machine polish and a 3 stage includes a compound, correcting polish and then a final machine polish with our finishing polish. 
Pricing will depend on your vehicles size, condition of your paint and what you would like to have corrected. 
It is important to hire a professional for this service, we use special tools to measure your vehicles paint/clear coat to ensure proper correction without burning through your clear coat and damaging your paint. There is minimal margin for error with paint correction and this is not something that should be done as a diy project. 
Not all scratches and paint damage can be removed with a paint correction. If there is damage that goes past your vehicle's clear coat layer the only way to correct that is by adding paint/clear coat. Touch up paint can help improve appearance in some situations.. but not always, on aged paint even with the exact match touch paint it will not be identical and without the clear coat it will still stand out somewhat as well. When it comes to rock chips on a front end for instance, touch up paint can give the appearance of car freckles. Ceramic coatings add an extra layer of protection to assist in paint corrections and avoid damages but will not prevent all paint damage. 
This service is strongly recommended prior to any Ceramic Pro coating applications. 

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Partial Reconditioning packages give you the choice of getting either just your exterior or interior reconditioned. 
EXTERIOR PARTIAL INCLUDES: -Hand wash-Machine Polish-Glass-Wheel and tire cleaning + tire shine -Door Jambs 
INTERIOR PARTIAL INCLUDES: -Full vacuum and cleaning of all interior surfaces/crevices/compartments and trunk. -Leather cleaning and conditioning + UV protection. -Carpet & Upholstery steam treatment and cleaning. 
PRICING (prices are based on vehicles in good condition, excessive dirt, pet hair, garbage, stain extraction, etc may be an additional charge. We always confirm pricing prior to reconditioning your vehicle. 

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A full reconditioning includes the following:-Exterior hand wash -Machine polish -Glass cleaning -Door jambs -Wheel & tire cleaning + tire shine-Vacumming and cleaning of all interior surfaces/crevices/compartments and trunk. -Leather cleaning + condition with UV protection -Upholstery and carpet steam treatment & cleaning 
*Pricing is based on vehicles in good condition, excessive dirt, pet hair, garbage, and stain removal may add additional costs. We always confirm prices prior to reconditioning your vehicle. 

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Since its founding, Carsmotology Customs LLC has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

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Since our founding in 2015, Carsmotology Customs LLC has been known for quality automotive reconditioning services, and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what reconditioning or cosmetic customization service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. We take pride in providing our clients with meticulously cleaned and beautiful vehicles. Please get in touch to learn more about our company or for details about the automotive reconditioning services we provide.

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